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1. MLS Stats
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…That according to MLS Regional Statistics to March 31, 2007:

The number of listings year-to-date 3566 for 2007, 3560 for 2006—up .17%.
The number of Sales YTD: 1569 for 2007, 1627 for 2006: down -4%.
Total Sales Dollar Volume for 2007 YTD: $314,402,560.
Number of Expired Listings YTD: 1022 for 2007, 880 for 2006--up16% compared to last year.
379 units sold between $140,000 & $179,999.
Average Sale YTD: up 3.39%

(Source MLS Statistics Report, Niagara Association)

You’ve spent weekends visiting open houses and...

...You’ve put in hours on the computer researching properties and the marketplace. You’ve carefully reviewed your finances to see how much you can afford. And after all that, you think you may have found “the one.”

Now, how do you know if you should make a bid?

First, go back and review your wish list – the roster of criteria you set forth when you first started looking at properties.

Does this listing have some or most of those qualities?

Can you live without the ones it doesn’t have?

Or, could you add those amenities in the future?

If you answered yes to those questions, look carefully at your finances.

Run the numbers one more time and make sure the price fits within your budget.

Look closely at how much it will cost you to own this home on a monthly basis. In addition to mortgage and taxes, consider things like insurance, utilities, emergency repairs, improvements, and furnishings.
If the numbers work, consider the area where you are looking to buy.

Can the neighborhood support your investment?

Does it have a good school system, sound infrastructure, attractive business district, easy access to transportation?

Those types of things will be appealing to buyers should you ever decide to sell. Remember, this home is also a serious investment; one you hope will earn you a significant return over time.

Next, consult your real estate professional.

He or she may see 100’s of transactions each year and should know a good value when she sees it.

Discuss what would be a fair and reasonable bid. Data on what homes in that area have been selling for during the past six months will help you develop an attractive offer.

It is also wise to come up with a plan should the offer be rejected.
Once you’ve considered each of these questions, and the answers are “yes” – go ahead and make that bid!

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Make time for self-improvement and take a class. The options are endless. Consider sports, painting, cooking, knitting, computing and writing and see what is available at your area adult schools, colleges and community centers.


There are tell-tale signs of spring: crocuses, robins, blooms on the trees and “For Sale” signs.

Traditionally, spring has been the prime selling season.

Listing a home during this time allows buyers, especially families with school-aged children, to buy and then move during the summer. Curb appeal increases when a home is surrounded by green grass and flowering shrubs. And, this overall increase in seasonal listings helps draw out potential buyers. Simply put, there are just more listings to choose from and if you’re a buyer, that can be very enticing.

But the question becomes, as a seller, how can you make your property stand out from others?

Start by choosing a real estate professional who will make it his or her mission to sell your home. Hiring a skilled REALTOR® is an important step. Someone with the right experience, marketing skills, and network can help you reach your goal faster.

Once you make the right connection, follow your sales representative’s advice on how to prepare the home for sale. This may mean:

getting rid of clutter
storing away personal effects
top-to-bottom cleaning
rearranging furniture and
updating the home with key accent pieces.
He or she may even suggest larger, more involved improvements, like updating kitchen countertops or a bathroom vanity. In each case, the change should make the listing more competitive.

Finally, be as flexible and understanding as your budget and schedule allow. Although you don’t want to be taken advantage of, letting buyers know you are willing to work with them on things like the closing dates can make your listing more appealing.

If you are hiring a professional mover, you want to make sure you have the right type of insurance should anything be broken, lost or stolen.

Typically, movers offer four levels of insurance coverage.

1. Basic Coverage is based on the weight of your belongings. Coverage is determined by multiplying a specific amount per pound; say 60 cents, by the total weight of your property. So, if your belongings came in at 10,000 pounds, you would be insured for $6,000.

2. Added Value Protection increases the premium and increases your compensation from 60 cents per pound to say $2.00 per pound, a variable amount.

3. Market Value Coverage: A moving company will charge an insurance fee for every $1,000 worth of value you claim. So if you say your property is worth $25,000 and the mover charges $10 per every $1,000 worth of value, the cost would be $250.

4. Replacement Value is the most complete option. Property that is lost, damaged or destroyed will be repaired, replaced or paid in full.

Note: Each policy may have some sort of deductible.
Some items -- like jewelry, stamps, coins, bank papers, pictures, software data and items not packed--are never insured.
Consult your Homeowner’s Insurance and see what coverage is offered to you through that policy.

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